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WP sites hacked!
Breaking news: So just 20hours ago worldwide a lot of WP sites got hacked.
One of my clients has been hit.

The hacker posts on your page
"Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am white Hat Hacker please update your wordpress" and “Hacked by NG689Skw”

more here from actual WP forum

And this could be why?

Make sure you have updated to version 4.7.2
thanks for shareing I am pretty have everything lock down like fort knocks Big Grin
Compton Sue

Yeah I know how that feels, my sites been hacked a number of times.
If you are satisfied with my help, consider a donation. Thank you so much for your continued support! 

I have a small football site which is hacked in interesting way - only username and pass changed, nothing else. Rebuild it from scratch and was hacked the same way. WP is such a pain somethimes Sad

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