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Opening my own computer business and need advice
(04-18-2018, 01:34 AM)mickeymbbc Wrote:  I could really use some sound advice from anyone, not just professionals.  I am about 3o days out from opening.  I am looking for sound advice on the things listed below.  Brain, if you have advice please respond.  Me and my sons are all certified in Networking, A+, server, etc...I have a lot involved, but now I am at the point of being frugal and could use help in these areas.  I am going to be doing server maint, break n fix, network troubleshooting, email troubleshooting, remote work, computer maint, etc..There is much more, but I will stop there.  I am getting ready to star scheduling business appointments with small businesses in my area to try and get into some contracts with them..  I am almost ready to put my office cubicles in, desks, phones, computers, receptionist desks ect.  My business name is being approved this week, along with my EIN, bank account ect.... ..Below is what I would love help with.  Can anyone help me with:

1. Sever maint templates
2. Break n fix templates
3  best way to bill for remote work
4. The best place to get my employees professional work shirts
5. Sever and computer maint contracts

The above is all contract templates I am looking for.  I am protected bc I have insurance, but I am looking for some good contracts templates for all the above.  Also, what everyone's opinion on how to make money.  Cash, swiping CC, PayPal on my website, etc..I have ideas regarding all this, but many minds are better than just one.  



First off congratulations on this ambitious endeavor. I understand your questions and all valid but perhaps you left one thing out. Clients…. how are you going to reach people in need of your services? Have you performed any analysis based on where you live and the potential that area offers for the genesis and future growth of your business?
I often get questions from people who want to join our fraternity and the number one question without fail is “what tools will I need” My theory is, buy what the job requires and in time you will possess a formidable array of tools, software and instruments to handle any issue. And if you do not have that particular tool you have choices, borrow from a fellow tech, rent it or simply purchase it. Beware however, you do not want an array of one-time only tools sitting around, that’s money down the drain.
Now to your questions, do a little detective work, contact some tech’s in your area and ask for a estimate on a particular job, get no less than 3 offers. That will give you an idea of what these projects cost. Don’t try and be the cheapest out there in the field, when someone is significantly lower than the pack my train of thought is “what am I not getting due to this lower cost”
Your best friend is and always will be word of mouth, I wish you the best and welcome to the fraternity.

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