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Can't install latest Nvidia drivers
if you try installing them driver ?


Compton Sue

Exactly what you show above with the screenshot of Nvidia. Why won't my operating system of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit edition let me to install anything.

-- John
ok when you try to run it what is it saying?

we can try using snappy driver
Compton Sue

I hear about snappy driver and do you know where to find the name of the link so I can download this. And see what happen with this program.

-- John

  1. ok download  snippy driver  SDI Lite
  2. https://sdi-tool.org/
  3. run snippy driver
  4. select download indexes  only for this PC

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3779]
Compton Sue

OK got the snappy driver program and show me no update with Nvidia graphic just one update with Intel Lan. Nvidia have older driver not the new driver.

I would wait on till they release the next version

then check to see how it would install
Compton Sue

I just ran into a simular issue.

1. Disable the automatic install of device drivers
2. Then boot into safe mode and uninstall the.
graphics driver with ddu. Select clean and restart.
in display driver installer.
3. Once to the desktop install your graphics card
All is good now and no problem with Nvidia graphic driver. Now have the latest version of the driver in my desktop.

-- John
Solved thread closed
Compton Sue

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