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Windows 7: One Year to Go

Yea huge shame really it was a good system and could've really got going if they'd given it the chance.
yeah i agreed!
For volume licensing users are going to pay cheaper more a lot than home users. Maybe I'm going to pay for home users because I really don't like Windows 10
sad news, I really like Windows 7
Hello everyone:

I personally feel, that, windows 7 was the BEST OS to date: I feel that Windows Vista was the WORST, and the reason for this is because MS wants to make sure that whatever the newest OS is, that people are RUNNING it - That is why Windows BUGS the hell outta anyone NOT Running windows 10 (or whatever the most current update is) VISTA was NOT really ready for retail release, and was buggy at best. They should have gone from XP to 7 to 10 - ME was just a filler.

Personally, there are GOOD REASONS not to shove the updates down the users throats: Some machines in manufacturing plants use Windows 7 or older versions of the OS because the equipment may not RUN with a version that is newer: Windows really does NOT need to be autoinstalled, autoupdated or changed without proper warnings: This is why home users are getting annoyed with some of windows 10's new features.

Since Windows 2000, I have liked the PRO versions a LOT better, as they give you more flexibility, options, usability, and peace of mind. Windows needs to stay true to a HOME/PRO/Enterprise Model, as all these versions of 7 were ridiculous.

It will be SAD to see 7 go the way of XP - really sad Sad

Brian S. Baker
Linux Enthusiast /Computer Consultant At Large/ "The Wizkid"
System Admin: buddy-baker.us

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