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NAS recommendations
From another thread I posted about accessing the c$ on computers on my network, an idea formed. What if I just had a NAS setup, then any computer on my network (including visitors to the house), can access data.

Now I am looking for suggestions on a decent NAS, with network access (not USB). Any ideas?

I know I probably want one with 2 hard drives in it, for redundancy and to setup a RAID of sorts.
Alas, that might be on the expensive side.

Regardless, looking for ideas.

Thanks all
I figured this out. QNAP TS231p is a good option.
Britec did a few videos on them

Compton Sue

I have a drobo NAS, I love it, when your drives are no longer big enough, you just take out the smallest and add a bigger one and the NAS will mount your drive automatically

this is a review of the NAS i have.......

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