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How to give an IP camera a static address
any chance of a tutorial video on how to do this 'How to give an IP camera a static address'.

it has been causing me a lot of frustration for years and your videos are the most straightforward and easy to follow I have ever come across.

Many thanks and keep up the good work
I second this request and go so far as expanding it to IP Camera Configuration in general.
Especially internal and external network accessibility and perhaps the alternative software that's out there rather than the cryptic stuff that often comes boxed or from the maker.

I purchased The Cam from Brians 'Best Budget Security Camera 2019 - ESCAM QF910' video and had a heck of a time configuring it with the three GUIs that were involved.

Heart Great channel. Keep it Lit Girls n Boys

JediBhuddist Last Survivor of the Nostromo, Signing off.
I see what I can do.
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