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windows not updating
Hi there
I have a problem with 2 of my laptops both windows 10 makes are fujitsu and acer , I tried to update it last night and got the following error message.. We could connect to the update service we'll try again later or you can check now.. I can connect to the Internet also game on line and do other stuff just can't update.. Driving me nuts
BTW also did a fresh install still unable to get any updates
Have you tried WSUS I find its better than waiting for Windows to search for things.


Make sure you read up on the documentation and I recommend checking the Reboot and Recall feature as it will automate a lot of it for you.
are you using windows 10 RTM?? maybe Windows 10 RTM is badly outdated and windows 10 RTM couldn't connect to the windows update server
You also my want to try running the Windows Update MiniTool.
This application is a stand-alone (on installation required) alternitive to Windows Update.

To get more information and to download this app form majorgeeks.com use the provided link below:
Microsoft explains why Windows Update did not work on January 29, 2019

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