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USB suddenly stopped working on Windows
Hi all,

I am looking for some help on a problem I am encountering with my Verbatim Store n Go USB.

Windows 7 and 10 doesn't seem to recognise my USB when I plug it into my laptops ports. I was only using it yesterday 26/03/19 without any problems. I also noticed that Windows didn't make that notification sound to signal that a device has been inserted. The usb also does not show up in Disk Management. I have tried various computers and none of them seem to be able to load the USB. As I said I was only using it yesterday without problems. Any of the computers I have tried doesn't alert me with any messages from Windows either. I have already tried a number of things such as:

- Inserting the USB into ports on different computers
- Uninstalling the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" in Device manager and clicking scan for hardware changes
- Changing the Power Management Settings for the USB Root within device manager
- I tried changing the USB selective suspend settings but no luck

At the moment, The USB seems dead as I get know alerts from Windows, it doesn't show up in Disk Management or My Computer. Can anyone help please?

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