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Swann Cam cannot be accessed remotely
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about the following issue..

I used to be able, for at least 2 years, to access the feed from my Swann Security Cameras from my mobile phone
Sometime in the last week I can only see them on the phone if I am connected to my home wifi , so not out and about. It may have been after a router firmware upgrade but I cant be 100% certain of the timing.

I have tried reinstalling the app on the phone, attempting to get DDNS working and checking my firewall all to no avail. I was moderately successful in that I got DDNS working on both my router and on the Swann Cam box but it made no difference to the problem, so they are both back to normal status (no DDNS)

I have another app called KASA where I can for example switch on/off lights and this works perfectly remotely or at home. I am just not sure of my next move. I have consulted other forums but they seem to want to get DDNS working to solve this. I dont really want to go into the minefield again as it was working perfectly well before this week. (incidentally that whole DDNS thing might make a good video oneday)

Anyway if anyone has any ideas I would be glad to hear them as my current plan is to wait and do nothing and hope Swann make some unannounced change !

Also I think the key to this is a better understanding of how the system works over mobile as thinking about this I dont even know if Swann are involved in the signal path.

mobile network-- ? -- router--swanncam camera box
UPDATE- its working again, as I had suspected it must be something Swann did, since I did nothing at my end

Thread can be closed Smile

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