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Windows 7 Windows Security Center will not turn on - need urgent help
Please help me..
I have a laptop running Windows 7 Pro
It had a fault with its original HD so did a HD Clone

I then carried out a windows repair and update which seemed to go through without any problem...

However, when I use the Windows Repair disc it says Windows 7 Pro (recovered) - this is my first question as to why this is now appearing.

The other issue is that Windows Security Center will not turn on.

(I have run various Malware programs and none seem to locate anything out of the ordinary) yet when I run sfc /scannow it runs the scan and then returns with... sfc found problems but was unable to repair these

Please help me

Thank you!
I did not realise this function was available for Windows 7. I will try this right away and hope this fixes my issue.

Thanks again for your fantastic supporting website/Forum.

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