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WP sites hacked! - TopFreeware - 02-08-2017

Breaking news: So just 20hours ago worldwide a lot of WP sites got hacked.
One of my clients has been hit.

The hacker posts on your page
"Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am white Hat Hacker please update your wordpress" and “Hacked by NG689Skw”

more here from actual WP forum…/topic/wordpress-4-7-1-hacked-by-ng…/

And this could be why?

Make sure you have updated to version 4.7.2

RE: WP sites hacked! - Compton - 02-08-2017

thanks for shareing I am pretty have everything lock down like fort knocks Big Grin

RE: WP sites hacked! - Britec - 02-08-2017

Yeah I know how that feels, my sites been hacked a number of times.

RE: WP sites hacked! - Donglailly - 08-29-2017

I have a small football site which is hacked in interesting way - only username and pass changed, nothing else. Rebuild it from scratch and was hacked the same way. WP is such a pain somethimes Sad