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Who's Looking over my shoulder - mikey - 10-17-2017

Hello Brian
Back in 2009 you made a video about people using their neighbour's broadband to go on the net for nothing, but I would think things have changed over eight years. Every time I go to bed at around 12 midnight my Router is flashing like mad even though I've changed my network password several times and not told anyone. Its not Virgin Media as rang them up and asked them if they were doing maintenance on the server for the nights in question.

They said they weren't.

So is there a way to detect if some Pr__k is using my broadband and will it tell me who it is.

I don't expect the software to tell me its little Tommy in his back bedroom from No. 23 down my street, but something useful like his Ip address or his ISP perhaps.

Look forward to hearing your comments.

Mikey Huh

RE: Who's Looking over my shoulder - Partha - 10-17-2017

NirSoft's  wireless network watcher lists the MAC address of the connected device as well as the name of the network adapter company along with the IP

RE: Who's Looking over my shoulder - Compton - 10-17-2017

mikey its might t be the router is set to auto reboot

RE: Who's Looking over my shoulder - smirk24 - 10-18-2017

Your router flashing may also be normal like mine theres a blue internet light flashing at all times.

If you have your isp's router you can contact them and ask if its normal for your router to be flashing as such

RE: Who's Looking over my shoulder - mikey - 10-18-2017

Hi all
To smirk24

Well thats just an indication that the router is active and you can use it (like its open for business) but I'm more concerned with the 2.4 (second from the top on Virgins Super Hub) that tells you traffic is passing through it.

When I'm using the broadband that light is constantly flashing, but when I'm in bed its still.

Thanks any way, I'll stick with the WNW for now until something better turns up.


RE: Who's Looking over my shoulder - GuiltySpark - 10-19-2017

If you're using a Virgin Super Hub then you likely have the TV package as well, the TV relies on data going through the hub to update, download shows etc. It is normal.

RE: Who's Looking over my shoulder - Britec - 10-19-2017

Virginmedia have a network log in there router which you can look at, this will tell you every mac address and every connection made on your network