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Protecting a PC that has no AV??? - Bishka - 07-26-2018

One of my computers will be operating as a DAW and nothing else. Once I have it set-up the way I want it, there will be no need to change it. I want it to operate more like a hardware DAW that a Software DAW.
I would still like to be able to transfer files between it and one other computer over USB or LAN, but the DAW will not have any Anti Virus or security. Can I use the other computers security/AV to protect the DAW? Or is there someway I can specify the types of files that can be sent/received, thus reducing the risk of infection?

It is not the end of the world if my computers do get an infection, it has happened before, and I expect it will happen again, but it is a right pain when it happens  Angry

Any input will be appreciated
Regards Bishka.

RE: Protecting a PC that has no AV??? - GuiltySpark - 08-10-2018

No, AVs on seperate terminals won't work that way.

If you are not using any windows specific software you can always look at AVLinux as a DAW system.