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Network issues - danielmbarns - 01-06-2019

Hi, got 4PC's and one printer on a network all wired to router and a switch, all settings in networking set for sharing on a private network no passwords 2 windows 8 2 windows 10
issue is that they cant all be seen on network and when you can see one of them and navigate to desktop nothing is showing up.
any ideas are welcome

RE: Network issues - Britec - 01-07-2019

Try private setting


RE: Network issues - danielmbarns - 01-07-2019

All set to private network, all set for sharing, no password

RE: Network issues - Timster - 01-07-2019

Be sure all of your permissions are correct on the computers you are trying to share and the folders you are trying to share. There are times when local networking or permissions get corrupt especially when introducing different machines that have been running different operating systems for extended periods of time. Sometimes resetting all network settings or re-imaging the machines correct these corruptions. Tough to troubleshoot a network situation like this on a forum.


RE: Network issues - Compton - 01-08-2019

RE: Network issues - JIGSAW - 04-07-2020

@Britec I searched but can't find that 1-click fix for the network discovery as I asked via Youtube ?

RE: Network issues - JIGSAW - 04-09-2020

This is the original video >