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Win10 after 2025 - WinXPto10 - 02-25-2019

Extended support until October 14, 2025 for home users except of LTSB and LTSC, why Enterprise/Education edition can use beyond 2025??

RE: Win10 after 2025 - Timster - 03-01-2019

I think this will change to beyond 2025. Microsoft has already stated that here will be no other renamed versions after Windows 10. Just major updates.

Enterprise/Education users get extended support because Enterprise users pay a much higher rice for the software and it's being used to maintain very large businesses.
Microsoft extends education users because they don't in any way want to be seen as hindering students ability to excel and graduate.

RE: Win10 after 2025 - WinXPto10 - 03-04-2019

that's what i think so too