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Changing O/S on ACEPC's - jon4225 - 04-20-2019

Hi , New post from VERY old tech(rtd). Anybody suceeded changing W10 home to prev ver ?
I run a very nimble W8.1 lite on my living room rig(Big Telly with i3 small form ITX mobo on
the VESA scews). had it yonks so insurance needed. Mini Pc seemed the way to go so bought
ACEPC t8 for peanuts. Connected it to HDMI 2,and works beatifully,but SLoOOW! De-bloated
10 ,but for my regular use -(Streaming) I'm sure my slim 8.1 would shine. Heres the thing' I've
got a .gho image NoGo, and made a 3g image with Easeus ToDo hoping to use WIN PE, sector/
replace. Can't get F7 bios to prioritise my image stick. though. IS IT A DREAM ? haha