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File/Folder sharing over home networks - Mobis - 01-24-2020

I have 2 computers exactly the same, win 10 pros, 64bit, one is on wireless and the other on ethernet, I followed Brian's tube video on how to set up networking to the letter.

I have Kaspersky TS 2020, in the firewall I have changed networks to trusted and packet rules for local services TCP and UDP to allow.
I did uninstall Kaspersky on both computers and tried again - no joy there either.

Is there an option on routers that might be hampering filesharing?

If I do the \\localhost on both computers the folders shared are there.
In the file explorer under networks, I see both computers.
If I use windows troubleshooter/diagnose doesn't fix anything (pretty normal for that lol)

Is there a paid for piece of kit that will just fix and share folders across the networks?

TIA for any help.

RE: File/Folder sharing over home networks - Mobis - 01-30-2020

I half fixed this by adding me as a user on the other computer, NetAdapterRepair didn't help. Probably a bit more secure just incase I have friends over lol.