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Jerky freezing disappearing mouse - old dude 56 - 06-20-2020

Ok let me see if I can give all the info needed to get help

I am running windows 10 pro version 1909 64 bit on a dell 7010 with a Intel i5 3470 CPU with 8 gig of ram , my mouse is a Logitech M720 wireless ,I just got this system (factory refurbish) a few days ago and am plagued with mouse cursor problems it will jump around freeze up or just disappear and will move with jerky movements makes it extremely frustrating to try to do anything ( it has taken me 10 min just to get this far using spell check to clarify ) I tried watching Britec video about computer freezing up but am not clear as I do not have a solid state drive , I have also tried using a wired mouse to no avail