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Edge - Failing to retain History - Richard500 - 06-24-2020

I have Edge Version 83.0.478.54 (Official build) (64-bit) that was updated with Windows 10 2004

No matter what I do to fix this issue Edge may work for a session and then next time logging in it has lost everything again.

I have re-installed


Tweaked the settings as described by Microsoft Support forums and now I have simply run out of ideas.

1. At Start Up the last sessions pages sometimes are recalled and then again lost
2. ALL history is deleted regardless of the settings

And the biggest pain in the backside is that if I use CTRL+C to copy I get a saved website load! Now I have checked and double-checked Keyboard shortcuts and CTL+C does not apply to my vault, but that's what loads.

It's trivial, but I hate a challenge that beats me like this one! So can anyone help or even replicate the fault? Any advice accepted Wink

RE: Edge - Failing to retain History - clayto - 07-07-2020

I have a similar issue except for the Ctrl + C problem. I thought the loos of History might be due to my use of space cleaners (CC and others) but the History vanishes even when none of these apps apps has been used.It is also erratic, sometimes the History survives for a while but often it dosn't. I have not yet updated to 2004 so it seems to be a glitch with Edge itself rather than the OS?