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Index of /win-services/8/ - Britec - 09-07-2014

These registry files are for replacing corrupt or missing registry files after malware removal or just having a corrupt operating system files.

Index of /win-services/8/

RE: Index of /win-services/8/ - ray - 09-11-2014

Bookmarked it Brian Thanks

RE: Index of /win-services/8/ - chriscbd_19 - 10-10-2015

Is there away to download all of these reg files without having to click on every file?

RE: Index of /win-services/8/ - Britec - 10-10-2015

Why would you want to download them?

RE: Index of /win-services/8/ - Timster - 10-10-2015

Good post Brian...

RE: Index of /win-services/8/ - chriscbd_19 - 10-10-2015

Incase the client doesnt have internet at the time and doesn't want his or her computer taken out of the home so id say thinking ahead.