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Can someone help me with enable rawmode for a server?
I stumbled upon a registry key enableraw that was made for servers ,ive been able to find what the key does but i haven't been able to find info about what needs to be enabled in order for the registry key to work properly why it was made i just want to be able to read a full article about the enableraw key but for some reason i go into something about raw that has to do with a printer and its very irritating lol

So can someone help me with this please


Here is some stuff for you to read that you might find interesting. Enjoy.

Quote:Name: EnableRaw 

Value: 0 or 1 true or false. Default=1 (true)
Specifies whether the server processes raw Server Message Blocks ( SMBs ). If enabled, this allows more data to be transferred per transaction and improves performance. However, it is possible that processing raw SMBs can impede performance on certain networks. This parameter is automatically tuned by the server. don't twiddle here

Performance Tuning for File Servers

Startup parameters for the NT Server service
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Oh alright thanks again britec. we can close the thread Smile

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