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GPU recommendations (based on what's in stock over here in NZ!))
I built a machine for a friend a while ago - PC was for general use, some Inkscape and other light graphics work. Specs were a 8th gen i3 (8100), 8gb of RAM and I added a GTX1030 so that she could hook up three monitors. (yes massive overkill, but that's what was requested).

A year on, and now she's also into light gaming (lots of Ark and some Sims, apparently), and her partner wants to surprise her with a GPU upgrade. Whether or not it's needed is another question, I'm not a gamer, so I don't know if Ark is hardware intensive or not (surely Sims can't be though?!).

Anywho...a bit of searching suggests that the 1660 Super is available and further research on my part suggests that this, matched with the i3 8100, won't cause much bottlenecking. Is this a solid choice? Also worth upping the RAM to 16GB?

Thanks in advance for any advice. ?

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