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How to create a NFS share on Synology to copy from FreeNAS
I recently purchased a new Synology D220+ to replace my DIY FreeNAS server, and am currently migrating data across...sloooooowly!

Due to the construction of our house, hard wired ethernet isn't an option. The old FreeNAS box is connected to the net work via a switch, which is connected via Powerline to the network. The new Synology box is also connected to the same switch. I've mounted a couple of the drives from each NAS in Windows Explorer and am migrating from one to the other that way. Average transfer speeds is 1MB/s ?

After some research it looks like the best option is to create an NFS share on the Synology and mount a remote FreeNAS folder.

On the Synology side I've managed to get this far

But when I click mount I get "Connection failed. Please make sure the remote server is accessible via NFS"

So, on the FreeNAS side, all I've done is enabled NFS under services, and created an NFS share (simply added new NFS share and browsed to the folder path)

I'm a bit out of my depth on the FreeNAS side, to say the least. Others have recommended rSync, but command line stuff baffles me even more than the NFS attempts.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

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