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Hard drive running at 100%
Ahoy everyone
ok a few weeks ago my laptop started to slow down on startups and shutdowns
this is to be expected as its over 6 years old running windows 10 home I've never reinstalled windows
But last week it was slowing down as I used it having to wait for things to open
so I opened Task manager to see disk usage 100% with 56 background processes running the high ones using 0.1 or 0.2mb but the total still says 100% disk
so I've ran Crystal disk which give me the health status of CAUTION
I have backed up all the things I need to save like photos and stuff I can't get back if it goes wrong
so is the drive dying or is it that crystal disk give a caution due to the disk running at 100%
when test was working?
or is running at 100% mean its dieing?
by the way I'm as thick as two short planks so if you need me to do anything you will need to take me by the hand step by step
thank you for your forthcoming help

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