10 Ways To Stop Windows Spying On You

10 Ways To Stop Windows Spying On You: Have you been waiting to install Windows 10? Well hold your horses, it’s not all good news. Microsoft have made some privacy changes that you may not agree with. First off, the new operating system has been design to collect your personal data and track your usage, then send all this information back to Microsoft by default. Now you may be saying to yourself, that’s no big deal and if you feel that way then welcome to Windows 10. Millions have upgraded to Windows 10 and are very happy. It’s the tech community who know more about these privacy settings and are shocked at what’s being collected and shared. It’s not as simple as opting out of it either, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it all disabled. There is a number of programs that can do this for you. I have added them to my forum for you guys.

• Destroy Windows 10 Spying
• Disable Win Tracking
• DoNotSpy 10
• Windows 10 Privacy and S**t
• Windows 10 Privacy Fixer
• W10 Privacy
• Shut Up 10
• Spybot Anti-Beacon
• Ashampoo AntiSpy
• Windows Privacy Tweaker


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