Beware Ransomware Called Venus Locker

Beware Ransomware Called Venus Locker, VenusLocker What happened to my files? Your personal files, including your photos, documents, videos and other important files on this computer, have been encrypted with RSA-4096, a strong encryption algorithm. RSA algorithm generates a public key and a private key for your computer.

The public key was used to encrypt your files a moment ago. The private key is necessary for you to decrypt and recover your files.
Now, your private key is stored on our secret Internet server. And there is no doubt that no one can recover your files without
your private key.

There is no way to decrypt the files as of yet unless you pay and even then there is no guarantee they will send you the decryption key. NEVER pay for decryption.

1. Back up your data regularly and store backup away from any computer.
2. Be very careful when opening email attachments and DON’T open attachments from unknown source.
3. Have a good antivirus security setup. Example: SecureAPlus Malarebytes Pro, Firewall.
4. Keep your computer fully updated with the latest security updates.
5. Don’t use you Administrator account as default, use standard account.
6. Show hidden file extensions of files, example: .exe
7. Don’t download programs from untrusted sites.
8. Don’t update via a popup message, go to manufactures webs site and check update there first.
9. Block .exe files in email. There is no need to receive .exe files via email.
10. Don’t open suspicions files, upload them to
11. Don’t install cracked or pirated software.
12. Do NOT pay the ransom!

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