5 Common Computer Myths People Still Believe

5 Common Computer Myths People Still Believe
Here is a list of common pc myths that people still believe in 2021

1. If Your Computer is Slow, It’s Always a Virus
Its not always a virus or malware, it could be related to many other things, like
* low end hardware
* faulty hardware
* corrupt operating system
* bad drivers
* to many programs running in background

2. Macs or Linux Don’t Need Antivirus Software or get infected with virus
This simple not true and there are many different types of infection like malware, viruses, trojans, ransomware and more that infected Linux and Mac

3. Higher wattage power supply’s uses more electricity
Generally, Power Supplies (PSUs) only deliver the amount of power needed for the system to run. So, if your system components require 300W, and you use a 500W PSU, it would still only consume 300 watts. A PSU only draws as much power as it needs. The efficiency is where slight differences are made

What is PSU Efficiency and Why is it Important?

4. Frequent Defragging must be done?
No, windows will automatically manage and control your system and defragment the drive when needed. (Remember: You don’t need to defragment a SSD)

5. Screen savers save your monitor screen.
Maybe when it was a CRT, but nowadays, a LCD or LED monitor does not need a screensaver.

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