Am I at Risk From Ransomware

You’re be more at risk from Ransomware than you think, Ransomware is on the rise and with this crypto ransomware being so aggressive and in encrypting all your data and holding you to ransom for a fee to release your data is a nightmare for home users and businesses.

These malicious malware can infected a computer and bring a business to its knees. Anti-Virus companies are working hard to find a way to protect people and their customers from being hit by ransomware.

But beware of software companies claiming you are protected, never let your guard down and make regular backups of your data and keep it in a safe place away from the computer. Having a computer image of your system and backup of your data is the only sure way of defeating ransomware.
The only inconvenience is reinstalling your operating system, but I see this as a small price to pay, it’s better than getting hit by ransomware and having all your data encrypted and having no way of recovering that data.

Now there is companies that are releasing ransomware protection software, but like I said nothing gives your 100% protection against Crypto-Ransomware like CTB-Locker, Locky and TeslaCrypt, File Locker, Torrent Locker, Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, MBR Ransomware, Petya and many others.

Yes this software is a step I the right direction, but it’s the wrong message we should be sending out to people, relying on software is not the answer to the problem, cyber criminals will find a way to bypass your software and infected your system with Cypto-Ransomware.

So in this video I will be testing out Bitdefender Anti Ransomware, this video is for education purposes and to show you how good or bad the software is that I am testing.
Stopping ransomware is not easy and there is always a chance things can go wrong. Never play with ransomware on your personal computer, these tests are done in a virtual lab setup.

If you wish to use Bitdefender Anti Ransomware, you can download it from there website below

Free Bitdefender tool protects against ransomware infections

Combination Crypto-Ransomware Vaccine Released

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