Build PC Repair USB Toolkit

People seem to have a lot of difficulty in creating their own USB toolkits, so I wanted to show you how to Build PC Repair USB Toolkit. If you are in the computer repair industry having all you tools to hand can save a lot of time, I like to create many different types of USB pen drives with all my bits of software I like to use. You can make a Bootable PC Rescue USB with tools like Acronis, Hirens Boot CD, Paragon Partition Wizard, Memtest86+ and maybe Kaspersky Rescue CD. the list is endless, you can add what software you use most. Whether its data recovery software or Windows operating systems. The choice is yours.

What this video and see how easy it is to create your own multiboot usb drive or Tech Toolkit.

To start to make your portable PC Maintenance Toolkit
download winsetupfromusb


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