Change Font Size in Skype and Windows

Change Font Size in Skype and Windows: Skype is a great way to connect with friends and family all over the world for free. Skype also has a handy instant massage chat windows which you can type chat in, but be default it’s display has a small font size, this can be problem for old people and users with poor vision. But I also want to cover a issue that some old people or people with poor eye sight may have with viewing web pages with small font and the icon and font on there desktop of there computer. Just follow my simple guide to increase the size of your Font, Images and Folders.

Step 1

To increase the font in Skype IM messenger window

1. Using a Small text size can be difficult to read or write messages in Skype. We can customize this and increase font size which will be displayed in IM window.

  • Open Skype, click Tools > Options in Skype program.


2. Next click on IM & SMS tab, then click on IM Appearance tab. Then click Change Font button.

  • You can see our Font is 10pt and the Font used is Segoe UI


3. Once open, you can  change Font, Style and Size, you can view a Sample of font selected. when done press OK


Step 2

Screen Resolution –  The higher screen resolution, the smaller the font size will be displayed on your monitor. So we need to decrease screen resolution, for bigger text display.

4.  Right click on empty area on the desktop screen, click on Screen Resolution.


5. Change Resolution setting from the drop down menu. You can start by selecting 1280 X 720 or 1024 X 768 or lower if needed.

  • You can also use”Make text and other items larger or smaller” listed as number 2 of the image below.


6. Larger Text option – You can select either: Medium 125% or Larger 150%.

  • This will increase text display in your Windows operating system and Programs.


Step 3

7. Magnifier – Want to zoom right in to a photo or text? then use Magnifier Tool.

  • Windows 7 Click Start Button, type magnifier and press Enter. This in in-built Windows program that allows you to magnify and zoom any part of the screen.
  • Windows 8 Press Windows logo key‌ Windows logo key+ “+” (plus sign).


  • You can adjust magnification to desired size


Step 4

Change font size in web browser

  • Hold down the Ctrl key on keyboard and then click the + or key to increase or decrease the text size your web browser.

That’s it, hope this help you out, please share with friends and family.

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