Create 3D Image in Powerpoint

Are you the creative type? have you ever wanted to jazz up the photos in your presentations?, I am going to show you a great PowerPoint trick. Its real simple to do and looks great when done right, so what the trick? its called 3D pop-out picture effect effect or out of bounds effect, I know what your thinking “Don’t I need Photoshop software to do this” nope no Photoshop required for this type of effect. We will be creating 3D effect photo effects with Microsoft PowerPoint. With this software we can use some of the built in tools that come with Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and on wards, it has some simple background removal tools and with some easy to follow techniques and cropping with the build in features, you can get some fantastic results. Create 3D Image in Powerpoint Want to learn how to create a 3D image in Microsoft office Powerpoint. its easy to do and gives a great 3D effect to your photos.

You can create this in 3 simple steps

1. Find the picture you want to use
2. Add a Frame or white border to your picture or photo
3. Create the 3D effect to your image

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