Create Bootable VHD Virtual Hard Disk

VHD Virtual hard disk acts like a hard disk. You can create a VHD from either the Disk Management or from the command line using diskpart. In this video I will show you how to create a vhd and then using it in a virtual machine like virtualbox or vmplayer, once mounted I will install windows 7 onto my newly created virtual hard disk. you can install any operating system onto a vhd file.

1. Open a Command Prompt, run as Administrator


3. create vdisk file=g:\win7.vhd maximum=30000

4. select vdisk file=g:\win7.vhd

5. attach vdisk

6. create partition primary

7. format fs=ntfs quick label=”win7″

8. list vol

9. detach vdisk

10. exit

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