Destroy Hard Drive Data Beyond Recovery

Destroy Hard Drive Data Beyond Recovery: If you have a old computer or a hard drive that you what to wipe the data from permanently, this video could be for you, today with all the data files that hard drives store, its very dangerous to just trow them in the recycle bin, because data can be recovered from that hard drive. This could be all your information like photos, documents, emails…just about any thing and everything can be recovered, so before you throw that old computer out, make sure that you are destroying that hard drives files and folders beyond recovery, by erasing the way I will show you, it will mean there is no way of getting data back. So don’t be a victim to crime by throwing it in the rubbish bin. I use software with US DoD 5220.22-M E and drill to make sure I physically destroy the hard disk no company or home user data can ever be recovered.

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