Diagnosing Faulty Laptop Backlight or Inverter Problem

Diagnosing Faulty Laptop Backlight or Inverter Problem

Are you getting no Laptop Display? this could be down to your backlight on your Laptop or The Inverter Board may be bad, This is a very common issue and a easy fix. Most of the time the screen inverter board is the culprit. Here is just some symptoms you may be getting from a bad LCD backlight or bad inverter board problem:

You still can see an faint or very dim image on the screen.
Use a flashlight to see if you can see a dim display on the LCD.

You maybe getting a display on LCD screen for a short while, but then it disappears.

You may also get a quick flash of display on the LCD screen then goes off.

In some cases your LCD screen will be black and have no display or backlight never comes on.

These are just some of the most common symptoms and in this video I will show how I diagnosed the issue quick and easy by using a cheap backlight tester and inverter tester
inverter failure on laptop? backlight failure on laptop? don’t worry I will show you how to do it.

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