Disable Unnecessary Services in Windows 10 in 2021

Disable Unnecessary Services in Windows 10 in 2021
Disabling windows 10 services can free up system resources, which can work great on older computers, I have listed 60 services which i disabled.

If you disable these services, you can speed up Windows 10. To turn off these services in windows 10, type: services into the search box. Then double-click on the services you want to disable.

Warning: Run at your own risk and make sure non of these services are need. You have been warned. I take no responsibility.

Application Layer Gateway Service
AllJoyn Router Service
Xbox Live Auth Manager
Xbox Live Game Save
Xbox Live NetwoWindows Search
Windows Search
Geolocation Service
Remote Registry
Parental Control
Payments and NFC/SE Manager
Offline Files
Windows Mobile Hotspot Service
Windows Insider Service
Retail Demo Service
Windows Biometric Service
IP Helper
Windows Connect Now
File History Service
Phone Service
Secondary Logon
Windows Camera Frame Server
Windows Image Acquisition
Program Compatibility Assistant Service
Diagnostic Policy Service
Download Maps Manager
Bluetooth Support Service
AVCTP Service
Parental Control
Connected User Experience and Telemetry
Certificate Propagation
Diagnostic Service Host
Diagnostic System Host
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Windows Error Reporting Service
Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
Enterprise App Management Service
Print Spooler
GameDVR and Broadcast
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Microsoft Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector Service
Device Management Enrollment Service
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service
Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
ActiveX Installer
Geolocation Service
Auto Time Zone Updater
Sensor Service
Routing and Remote Service

Download Windows 10 Disable Services

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