Why do I need a Firewall

Why do I need a Firewall

private firewall can protect against malware.
Privatefirewall multi-layered endpoint security software
well the Internet can be fun to surf…but today we can easily get infected by malware, zero day malware is everywhere on the internet, it can even be sent via E-mail as a attachment, once click on it can infected your computer system with trojan droppers, backdoors, rootkits, Drive-by Download etc etc, these have no company name or signature.

The more layered security you have the safer you will be, safely bank online. so having a firewall con prevent malware and hackers from accessing or damaging your computer.

So YES having a firewall can prevent a vulnerability from happening. Now Windows xp, vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 can with a firewall built in to the operating system, but these wont stop you from getting infected from a nasty virus. So with introduced another layer of security a Antivirus, having that and a firewall together will act as a good barrier and stop a lot of malware.

So as your see in my video it is worth thinking of getting a hips base firewall to run on your system.

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