fix e-mail mailbox is exceeding the size limit

fix e-mail mailbox is exceeding the size limit: If you a user of Outlook 2013 and keep receiving error message saying your close to your mailbox quota on Exchange e-mail account, if the e-mails are not that important you can delete them, but I think you should consider archiving these old e-mail messages.
Creating a archive of your old e-mail messages and attachments is a great way to free up space and keep your Archive-2014.pst file. You can name the archive what you want when you export mailbox Once removed, it will empty Exchange mailbox.

I like to name my Archive.pst file by Year (example Archive-2014.pst)

Remember you can still access your Archive.pst file at any time in Outlook. This is also a great way of backing up your inbox and prevent data loss.

Here is how to fix it:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook. Click Home Menu tab click New Items then Click the More Items menu, then click Outlook Data File.


Step 2: Name Outlook Data file what ever you want. I use Archive-2014.pst. Then, click OK.


Step 3: Your Achive.pst file should now be available in Outlook (example below)


That’s it, you have created a Archive and fixed your error “e-mail mailbox is exceeding the size limit

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