Fix Network Problems in Windows

Fix Network Problems in Windows: Post Malware Removal is just as important as malware removal its self, so you have put all your hard work into getting the system clean, but there is a problem with getting on the internet, this is very common and sometimes a easy fix, when removing malware is can damage or change files that the network adapter needs to work properly.

Areas like Proxy Servers get added in registry and browser, Hosts file gets changed. DNS Servers get changed or added or maybe something to do with your Winsock TCP/IP this tool can repair it all with a click of a button.

Top run a Advanced Repair

1. Right-Click and Run as Administrator


2. Click on Advanced Repair 


3. Click OK, this will run a repair on WinSock / TCP IP, Clear all Proxy & VPN Servers

and Repair Windows Firewall


Now sometimes it could be nothing to do with malware what’s so ever and if you’re a gaming and play online games you may want to diagnose and troubleshoot you network and gather a detailed report to send it to your ISP Technical Support. This is a great help to them and lets them know whether the issue is your end or there end, they can simply examine the information and see what hop the connection is falling over. whether its packet loss or connection is timing out, it’s all very useful information for a technician.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, no problem, just keep it simple and let NetAdapter All in One tool check and fix all the network related settings with one click of a button, you won’t do no damage by clicking Enable Network Adaptor, Flush DNS Cache or Clear Hosts file. Sometimes I find my DNS Servers is playing up and by doing a temporary change to another DNS can get you back up and running.

The NetAdapter All in One tool is a portable program that don’t need to be installed and works for all versions of Windows Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server and its FREE. What’s not to like? if you’re a pc repair tech, stick it in your tool kit, you won’t regret it and find the tool very useful in the day to day when running a computer repair shop.

To run Additional Tools scan

1. Select options you want and run a scan


2. To run a full repair, check mark all box’s and click Run All Selected



Let me know what you thing in the comments section below if you like it or have another tool just like it.

To download NetAdapter All in One tool  

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