How to Fix Windows 10 Startup Problem

How to Fix Windows 10 Startup Problem: Follow this guide at your own risk, make sure you backup all your data before you continue. Windows 10 Startup problems are very common. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Here are some of the most common reason why your computer system can’t boot to the desktop.

– Windows Update has not completed correctly or stopped / shutdown during the update process.
– Corrupt Windows Update
– Corrupt or Bad Driver
– Corrupt Program Install
– Corrupt Registry
– Malware
– and Many More

Any of the above can cause BSOD Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death, Infinite Boot Loop, frozen on startup, Stuck on Loading Screen, Stuck at Welcome Screen and many more.

If you have tried to boot to safemode and not been successful, the next step is to try and boot to Windows CD or USB, you can use a Windows Disc or Recovery Disc to boot to.

once you have booted to your device, you can choose Startup Repair and try and boot up, if your not successful, boot to your device again and try System Restore, if that does not work, boot to your USB or CD once more and choose Command Prompt, here will will try and restore the registry from the Regback folder.

Its important that you have a updated Regback files to restore from.
Once you open command prompt type the following commands.

cd \windows\system32\config

md backup

copy *.* backup

cd regback


copy *.* ..

type A


Reboot computer and hopefully your system will startup. If you need help or advice, please join my forum.

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