Fix Windows Boot Issues

In this one we are going to look at a simple way to Fix Windows Boot Issues If you computer or laptop is having a start up problem and wont boot up at all, then fear not, its possible a system restore will solve the issue. I will show you how to fix a windows boot problems by using system restore from a Windows CD, Windows Recovery or MSDART. I will be using Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset in this video to help repair your computer. Is a great to to help troubleshoot and fix these kinds of problems, whether its Malware infected or you having a

This type of method can fix start up issue due to a corrupt registry or a bad driver after install. So whether your getting a BSOD Blue Screen of Death from a bad driver or maybe you just updated windows using Windows update and now on reboot you are getting BSOD, this can be due to a bad update, with Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset it gives you the power to uninstall service packs and windows updates.

Remember this is just one option to fix your computer, if it does not work, your have to try something else.

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