Fix Windows Libraries if Hidden or Empty

Fix Windows Libraries if Hidden or Empty: So you open Libraries in Windows Explorer and it is empty, greyed out or the libraries are hidden, this is a common error and sometimes can be caused by malware once its removed, its a nice and easy fix, just follow the guide below and we will repair it by resetting it back to default settings.

Are you getting any of these errors? If so delete the offending library (example: delete Pictures Library and right click libraries and restore to default, don’t worry you data will be safe)

  • Pictures.library-Ms is No Longer Working
  • Documents.library-Ms is No Longer Working
  • Videos.library-Ms is No Longer Working
  • Music.library-Ms is No Longer Working






1.  Go Start ButtonComputer


As you can see there is no Libraries its empty

 liberuy emty 

First Right Click on Libraries click on Restore Default Libraries.



You should now see your Libraries Icons back (still not back? continue on with guide)




Try and fix hidden libraries with bat file fix.

Open Notepad and paste code below in there:

attrib -h “%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\*.library-ms”

Now save as libraries_fix.bat

or you can download from here

You should now have a file like below.



To unblock file Right Click file and click Properties 



Now click Unblock




Then just run bat file to Restore Default Libraries.

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