How to Check and Monitor Computer Hardware

How to Check and Monitor Computer Hardware: A great free tool to monitor computer temps and hardware is HWMonitor. If you computer is suffering from overheating from high temperature, then HWMonitor can help by showing temperature and voltages of CPU, Motherboard, Memory also known as RAM, GPU, which is your graphics card and your Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Dust is the enemy of computers and laptops. Preventive maintenance is a great way of keeping you computer system running smoothly.

Here is how to check your PC hardware.

 1. First you need to download HWMonitor

  • Click Setup * English for .exe version or .Zip (example below)


2. Now click Download Now and it will download hwmonitor_126.exe


3. Once open you will see loads of information about your hardware in your computer.


4. The first part is about your motherboard Temperatures and Voltages.

  • This also lists Northbridge , list as TMPIN3


5. You can also list all the Case Fan RPM


6. We can also monitor all the CPU Voltages and Temperatures 


7. As you can see we can check up on the GPU Graphics Card Temps and Volts


8. Temps of the Hard Drive are also visible and system case temps.


9. Right up the top menu in Tools we can check for updates


That’s it, its a great tool for checking your temps and especially if your overclocking.


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