How to Create Windows 10 System Recovery Partition

Setting up a system recovery partition has never been easier, with the help of this great software call EasyBCD, I want to show you how to create Windows 10 system recovery partition In this video we are going to be creating a recovery partition in our windows 10 operating system, you can also do this on other versions of windows like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1.Why should I do this? If you’re computer becomes infected with malware or you PC is suffer from registry corruption and you receiving a BSOD. You can use this recovery partition to reinstall windows, its basically a copy of windows store on a small partition, that lets you install windows from, without a CD or USB. We will be using EasyBCD and Windows Media Creation Tool. 

Download EasyBCD

Download Windows Media Creation Tool

Warning: Before you follow this video, make sure you backup all your data and create a image of your machine.

So if your computer crashes and you want to put your machine back to default settings, you can use this method, just remember to backup your data first.

There is software you can use to do this for you which will probably work better for you, I have made videos show on how to use this type of software.

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