How to Repair a DEAD Computer

How to Repair a DEAD Computer
How to Fix a Computer That Won’t Turn On? In this video, we will troubleshoot a computer that won’t power on. There are many reasons why your PC is dead and the first thing you want to do is check all the power areas of the computer.

1. Check Power Cable (Kettle Lead)
2. Check Power Outlet and try another socket. Power directly into the wall outlet and NOT Extention lead.
3. Check Fuse on the Power cable
4. Check the Power Button and make sure the power button has not failed
5. Check 24 Pin Connector is fully pushed in.
6. Check CPU Cable is fully pushed in.
7. Check Power Supply Switch is on.
8. Check CMOS battery.

Does your computer have any sign of life? LED or RGB on? Fans spin? If it’s dead, it’s more than likely PSU or Motherboard. Bad CPU should still show some lights on the motherboard.

Intermittent problems are harder to diagnose and troubleshoot. For instance, random computer crashes, power on and power off, and many more. These can be related to RAM, GPU, CMOS, CPU, Motherboard, and any other hardware component on the computer.

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