How to Repair Windows 8 with Refresh Tool

How to Repair Windows 8 with Refresh Tool

Once in a while we will have problems with our operating system, this could be crashing, errors, BSOD etc this is part and parcel of running a computer with Windows. Microsoft is aware of what can happen to a operating system, and that is why they included “System Refresh” & “System Reset” feature to allow you to easily restore to a previous working version when the system goes wrong. In Windows 8, your able to repair and re-install Windows. So in this video i will show you how to refresh your windows 8 oprating system without losing any data. but remember the golden rule of computing? backup backup backup.

Refresh your PC

Here is what will happen:

Your files and personalization settings won’t change.
Your PC settings will be changed back to their defaults.
Apps from Windows Store will be kept installed. Their settings will also remain intact.
If any apps need to be removed, a list of removed apps will be saved on the Desktop.

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