How to Securely Erase Hard Drive Before Recycling

We all know shredding sensitive paper documents is essential and will cut out any identity theft, the same should be done with all your digital data that is stored on your computers. People can easily recover this data, so it is equally important to destroy this data correctly. You cannot simply reformat a hard disk or reinstall the operating system, this does not guarantee the old data is made unreadable. I will show you how to securely erase hard drive before recycling. When it comes to selling or recycling your old PC, Computer or Laptop.

Its best to make sure all your mechanical hard drives with your personal data is wipe securely so the data is unrecoverable. its easy for anyone to recover data using data recovery software, if you want to remove the chance of someone recovering your data from that drive, you can use third-party tools to wipe and destroy all information data on the drives before disposing of them, so check out my video guide on how to securely erasing all your hard drive data.

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