Keep Your Gaming PC Clean So It Doesn’t Overheat

Keep Your Gaming PC Clean So It Doesn’t Overheat by Britec

Dust inside a case of a computer or laptop is a killer for hardware components. So keeping your computer running at safe temperatures is essential, especially in the winter when ambient temperatures rise outside of the case.

Heat cannot dissipate through dust and this will shorten the life of the hardware. So keeping the system cool is one of the most important factors here. regular cleaning of the computer is essential to problem free computing.

So if you are a overclocker like me its very important to keep the system free from dust, because you are running at overclocked speeds which means you are pushing the hardware beyond its recommended levels, so keep it cool is key. preventive maintenance with a shopvac.

If left you computer can become unstable ie: crashing, BSOD, complete failure

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