Kill Malware Program Startup Process with dBug

Kill Malware Program Startup Process with dBug

dBug is a tiny utility that works in the same way as KillEmAll, once the system is infected with junkware / crapware / Adware it will become sluggish and be hard to remove this malicious programs from the system. What dBug does is neutralize malware that stops you from running anti-malware tools to clean the computer system. How does dBug neutralize malware / adware? It terminates and removes it from startup, but don’t worry this don’t terminate any windows process, once terminated the system will reboot and you should see no malware starting up at the desktop, if you do see any, it will be just the odd one or two, but the computer system should now be more manageable and let you run all you favourite malware removal tools. Once PC is clean and free from virus, simply reverse the cycle by clicking dBug_Undo.cmd.

dBug 1.1 can also be run from a WinPE environment, serving the same purpose as utils like HitmanPro Kickstarter.

Remember dBug does NOT remove malware. It merely provides you with the opportunity to run anti-malware tools or manually find and remove the malware.

1. When malware has taken over Windows, run dBug as many times as it takes for it to restart Windows. Once Windows begins a restart, you know that dBug has done its job.
2. Once Windows has restarted, the malware should not be running and you have the opportunity to use removal tools and processes. Locate and remove the malware.
3. With the malware removed, run dBug_Undo.cmd in order to undo the changes made by dBug.exe so other legitimate applications have the opportunity to function normally.


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