How to Make Windows 10 Look Awesome

How to Make Windows 10 Look Awesome
How to change the look and feel of your Windows 10 Desktop? want to make it look better than the default look and want to display Clock, Hard Drive, Internet Usage, Live Weather and more on the desktop? well this video is for you. We will be using rainmeter and skins to make i look great.

I do not own any of the rainmeter skins used in this video.
All the credit goes to their respective owners.


Clock: Simplony Rainmeter Skin

Weather: LargeCleanWeather by jsmorley

Wallpaper: Dark Forest Mountains [1920×1080]
imgur download

UI White / 1.3f by DD-921

unFold – A Launcher by DevilRev

4.3.1 Final Release

Latitude and Longitude Finder

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