Recover lost or deleted media files on USB Flash Drive

I guessing you come to this site to find out how recover lost or deleted media files on USB Flash Drive? don’t worry you are in the right place I sure their is a big chance you can do Data Recovery on a USB Flash Drive. We have all had it happen to us more than once where we have lost our data on our hard drive or USB flash drive. I will show you how to recover all your deleted files from a USB flash drive. It will be the same process if you want to recover all the data on a hard drive, but it will take a longer period of time to do due to the size of modern day hard drives, in general, the larger the drive, the longer it takes to recover your data like Photo’s, Documents, Music, Video, Pictures and many other types of files. Data recovery can cost $1000s of dollars or pounds to recover your precious data like holiday, wedding and birthday photo’s. We live in a digital age where backing up data is essential to keeping your data safe. But what happens when you don’t have a backup and want to recover deleted or lost data from a hard drive, SD card or USB device? Well this is where Minitool Power Data Recovery software comes in.

MiniTool offers 5 recovery modules for different situations, Undelete Recovery recovers deleted files and folders, CD/DVD Recovery recovers data from CD and DVD disks. Digital Media Recovery is designed for recovering music files, photo files and video files only. Damaged Partition Recovery will recover damaged, RAW and Formatted partitions and finally Lost Partition Recovery will recover data from a lost or deleted partition. So as you can see the power of this tool, you have 5 great features in one. They offer a FREE version, but it has some limitations added where you can only recover up to 1GB of data, but they do offer paid versions as well with no restrictions.

It’s compatible with Windows and Mac

Thier is many was to recover data from all your hard drive devices, need help? pop over to our forum for free asistence.


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